24th Toronto Jewish Film Festival | May 4-14, 2017

FilmMatters is pleased to provide free detailed lesson plans for each of the each of the films screened in the programme.  These study guides provide a direct link between the subject matter of a film and the Ontario school curriculum.  They serve as a gateway to further discussion, discourse and learning.


Downloadable Study Guides:

Anne and the Reverend
Azrieli - Short Film Series
Belle and Sebastian
A Bottle in the Gaza Sea
The Boys of Terezin
Deaf Jam
Heart of Stone
A Jewish Girl in Shanghai
Hey Hey Esther Blueberger
The Last Survivor
Louder Than A Bomb
Making the Crooked Straight
Off and Running
Once in a Lifetime
Orthodox Stance
The People vs. Leo Frank
Secrets of War
Seven Days of Remembrance
Voices Unbound
We Must Remember



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